Golden Gate Bridge

When the weather finally cleared during my trip to San Francisco last month and I went to see the Golden Gate bridge for the first time in my life, I had no expectations of creating a particularly unique photograph. After all, I am sure it was photographed millions of times, at every weather and every season from every point. However, I was studying the architecture of the bridge during the walk along it. I wanted to take a photograph which would be mine, take my spin on it.
Architecture can be easy to compose in the sense that it provides you a lot of leading lines you can take advantage of. With this in mind, I also knew I am going for a black and white image. The red-painted bridge on the background of almost cloudless blue sky has its charm, but I thought it would take away from this composition. Well, it would also make the post processing more difficult, as working in black and white allowed me to tone those colors separately and quite heavy-handed without affecting the quality of the image and creating artifacts.
I am quite please with it.

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