Grass – abstract

Recently, the photographic circles were moved by the sale of a photograph titled Rhein II for $4.3 million dollars. I totally agree that the price is really ridiculous. Yet we need to remember, that a price is what a customer is willing to pay, and it was apparently worth that much to whoever bought the image.

There was also a lot of discussion on the merits of the image. Some (like Jeff Revell) do not think the photograph is anything special, some claim that his phenomenon lies entirely in how the images get finished. Just look for the artist’s name or image title on various Social Media sites to see the emotions it stirred…

I actually could appreciate the Rhein II when I first saw it. And later search on Google for more images of Andreas Gursky helped me to understand his phenomenon. Many of his images are just so simple. They show the fragment of reality in a way that it turnes into abstract of line, texture or color. There is not a single distracting element, the composition is pure and focused on the subject.

I always liked looking at as much as creating those types of images. LIke this one of the grass on a windy day.

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