Green lake

There are some images, which although are almost monotone, they would lost its all appeal if turned black and white. Those images are not about light and shadow, texture or contrast, those are about that particular color. I don’t think I realized it before stumbling upon the scene presented on the image below.
The photo was taken in a park somewhere middle of nowhere Poland (Bojadła, Ziemia Lubuska). It is yet another example of beautiful, unkept for years park, previously surrounding fancy, but now almost ruined palace (although, since I was there last, it is now private property and hopefully be restored). This is one type of places I like to discover, but which make me sad at the same time because of human neglect and need to destroy (in communism times, the building like that were left to decay because they symbolized inequity in the society. Or something equally non-sense).
But I am digressing here. The whole scene of front of me was just green. Yes, the image is post-processed with Iceland Split Green, from David DuChemin “Iceland” e-book. But this just enhanced the feeling of overwhelming color I had taking this photograph. The green and almost even surface of water just tells the story of how long this place was forgotten.

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