Green salad abstract

I have read recently “Visual imagination” by David DuChemin (not an affiliate link*). The e-book talks about some techniques of creating more abstract intentional movement images, and just have plain fun with camera, is it dSLR or an iPhone. The exercise I did last weekend was actually with my iPhone. I went around the house, and photographed with Slow Shutter Cam app anything yellow. Then I went for green, and ended up having blast photographing my salad I grow on the deck. Here are few favorites. Today in the afternoon, I am trying blue!

How about you? Have you tried playing with the technique? Share your thoughts (and images) on Google Plus!

Salad abstract 1

Salad abstract 2

*Links to Craft & Vision e-books are not affiliate links anymore. After few years of constant changes in the program and general bad treatment and lack of respect to affiliates, the program finally was shut down towards the end of last year. I will occasionally be still talking about Craft & Vision e-books, they have good value, and are worth checking out nevertheless.

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