Gunpowder tower

I got so busy trying to get some work done before the busy period with holidays, house guests and travelling. I updated blog appearance, added new pages better organizing information I want people to find about me on my web page, and getting some stock submissions out. All of this on top of getting the house ready for the upcoming events :).
It all was so absorbing, I almost forgot about today’s post. But now, when images are uploading to all microstock sites in turns, I can catch up.
There is something in old architecture, details on bricks and stones, decorative elements, that just make me not only shoot them in HDR, but also post-process with strong accent on detail. I took this image of gunpowder tower (interesting name, by the way) last summer, visiting Ksiaz Castle, one of the most beautiful, well kept castles in Poland.
Remember, you can click on the image to open a larger version and appreciate the detail.

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