Healthy dose of color

I am looking and last few posts on the main site of the blog, and they are all in black and white tones. Not all of them without any color, but dark and grey nevertheless. Todays post will be full of color, and this is thanks to Google +. Or, in fact, one of G+ users, Susan Porter, who was also missing color, and proposed a color project for a first week of March. Each day was assigned a color, and no subject was chosen, so it could be anything. I decided to focus my effort in the kitchen. Before the project started, I had an idea which fruit or veggie I will photograph, although I had to admit (and anybody following the blog will notice, anyway), that two images were taken well before the project, and one, exactly the same, was already on blog.

I am sad that the project is over, but I am really happy with a photographs I created. In fact, I decided to print them all and hang in my kitchen space. It feels like a right ending to such a fun project.

And If you are looking for a place to talk about images and share them, and Flickr is not doing it for you, I suggest you give G+ a try. There is a lot of projects like that one, weekly themes and other communities to choose from, and if you connect with people, they will talk back to you.

Colors of health collage small

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