Honorable mention

I just came back from the photography Salon at the Iowa State Fair. There was a reception, winning and displayed photos viewing and official award receiving ceremony. There was a number of great entries this year, among those presented I especially liked some of the youth work. Out of 4052 images, 911 were displayed. Out of those 911, 222 were awarded. So, not bad. I have received the Honorable Mention in the HDR category for the battle reenactment, which I featured on blog last year in June.

Apart of this one, the fountain in Rybnik, which Ken liked, was displayed but was not awarded. The same goes for the airplanes formation, which I took in Goraszka during air picnic last year, just display.

It also means that there is no winner of my small contest. Although one person correctly guessed the winning image, he did not leave a comment, which would qualify him for award. I say him, as I know who it was- and he is going to get a “thank you” kiss ;).

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