Iowa State Fair photo game – again

When we came back from last week trip to New York, a great news awaited us in the mailbox. I mentioned in April I was preparing images to send out for Iowa State Fair Photography contest. I did not feel very please with myself then, but I certainly do feel good about it now. After all, four images of mine are going to be displayed in the show this year! And, even better, one of them got an award!

As last year, I wanted to encourage you to play a judging game. Let’s try to get into the mind of contest images reviews and pick the winning image. Take a look at the set of images I submitted this year below. Make up your mind and vote in the poll! If you have a minute more to spare, write a short comment why you chose the image.

I will let everybody know which images were picked for display and which one won award on Sunday, August 5. Right after I come back from the Award Ceremony.

Click on the image to see larger version. At that time, you can also see a title of the image which I used to set the poll.

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