Late fall

End of November is not my favorite time of the year. Yeas, I do like having 4 days off for Thanksgiving. BUt visually, I am so uninspired. The colors of fall are gone. The white snow changing everything into abstract shapes did not come yet. What is left? The yellowy-brown grass, wherever you look. OK, yellow and blue create possibly interesting contract. This particular shade is just not my favorite.
We went yesterday to Cedar Falls, to discovers some of the parks there, do some geocaching and maybe take a photo of two. I am not sure what I was thinking, giving myself a color challenge. Also, I choice of red was not the most thought through, although there where quite a few people wearing red clothing, my husband included. Now I think I should have tried blue :).
I came home with something. This lone red leaf was perfectly framed by the branches. At first, I was trying to find the angle to avoid the shadow on the leaf, but then decided I actually like it, and let it be.
How about you? DO you also struggle photographically this time of the year? Looking for subjects? Cannot get yourself to go out shooting because of the weather?

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