Light on a porch

My “Project 365” generates a lot of images every day. I often do not even have time to look what I got on a given day, sometimes it will take more then a week before I sit to organize all the photos and pick the best, the most interesting ones as representative of a day. I decided not to share all my 365 shots on-line, but I do store them in a single note in my EverNote, so I do keep tract if the shots are really happening every day. It also keeps me motivated, by showing me how quickly you can generate a good body of interesting work if you do it systematically. Of course, not every day I am getting great shots, but I get those a lot.

Yesterday was the evening for organizing last week’s shots, and that’s how I discovered this image. I took it during one of our long evening walks around the neighborhood. There is this large, old Victorian not far from my house, which city recently renovated and plans to use for some public space. The house is beautiful, very interesting architecture. The time of the day was just right, with sunset lighting the exterior elements. I took this photograph of the balusters, and when I opened the image in Lightroom, I knew it will be perfect in black and white.

Sunset lits porch of big white house, North Liberty, Iowa

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