Light on a tree

Today’s’ image is inspired by a beautiful portfolio by Paul Hart called “Truncated”. I saw it in the issue 85 of LensWork. Unfortunately, his web page is very restrained, one can say, so I don’t see a place you can really go and see his incredible images. Other than getting a magazine with his portfolio or his book.
What draw me to those images was the overall darkness of black and white pictures with the light spot in one place, defining the main subject of the photo. This one tree trunk exceptionally lit is making me come back to this portfolio over and over again. And the fact, that he is photographing over and over again the same place, close to home, nothing unusual about it, and still is coming home with exceptional images.
The subject is so mundane, that I was able to go through my Lightroom catalog and find a lot of images featuring trees, forest and such. I picked this one, I am not really sure if the color version of it was not already on the blog, about two years ago :). I turned it black and white, and by vignetting and burning was able to put focus on this one trunk up front.

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