Looking up

I went AWL last week quite unintentionally. I was hoping to be able to post images from AirVenture each evening. As usual, it turned out that Internet was not as easy available as I wished, and did not cover whole camping. The AT&T proved once again to have the worse coverage ever. And if those excuses where not enough, I was spending in the tent exactly the amount of time I had to- to eat and sleep. Luckily, during that time I was downloading cards with photos on the iPad- until I run out of space, that is. I will ba catching up and posting soem of my favorite images from AirVenture this week, so stay tuned.
To start, not an airplane, but a balloon. It was a first time I had a chance to photograph balloons (and hopefully will get another later this week :) ). We got up early for a Saturday balloon event at AirVenture. But t he weather did not cooperate and the aircrafts did not go anywhere but to the field next to runway. Just as well, as it gave time for some close-ups. They are just so colorful and almost any photograph turns out interesting and finished. This orange and yellow was the one I photographed most. It looked great in the early morning sun.

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