Macro Monday – Grasshopper

I am quite often recently lacking inspiration for the blog posts. I am blaming the weather- too much of late fall, I just cannot wait for snow to come and define the season, so I can move from fall activities to winter activities ;). At least partially, I am planning to assign types of post for at least some weekdays. This should help me keep on schedule.

I am going to start with Macro Monday. This will also allow me to join the “community” at “Lisa’s Chaos” blog. Check out todays macro entries over there.

I noticed this grasshopper when I was photographing wild flowers in front of my house. He was sitting on the green handrail of stairs. When I adjusted tripod to photograph him, he moved onto inside surface. No worries, I moved too, positioned myself on the stairs and got even better view (and light). This accidental background turned out to be an excellent contrast to his mostly brown figure. Small aperture of f/11 allowed me to achieve sharp focus on the grasshopper.

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