Macro Monday – chrysanthemum in B&W

I think I healed myself from photographing chrysanthemums. Don’t get me wrong- I absolutely love this image. It was just giving me one headache after the other. First, for the first time since I have it, my D300 automatic white balance got totally lost. My fault, mostly, I was trying to photograph willow-green flower on green background. It just caused the computer to have green overload and made everything greener than necessary. And Sunny setting didn’t help much. I gave up, and decided to convert it in black and white. Which revealed even more tiny specs on the image. At first, I thought the lens was dirty, again. But now, it wasn’t. These were all natural defects on the flower itself. 15 min later… I was finally ready for the tonal adjustments. To finish off, I added a touch of the original color. I really do not like the pure black and white images. They are so grey ;).

Well, if you like black and white images of flowers, this recent post from LightStalking might be something you want to check out for inspiration.

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