Macro Monday – Orange carnation

I knew beforehand I won’t be doing any outside shooting this weekend, it was busy and the weather was not that great with strong winds. I used the occasion we did some shopping next to local flower store to stop by and get a colorful bouquet of assorted flowers. I spend couple of hours photographing it with my macro lens on Sunday morning. I almost gave up on one of flowers, which was green, on green background, and my camera automatic white balance just couldn’t get it right. Well, it probably did by the algorithm author, it was just too much green to handle. It is the first time I was disappointed in it.
Anyway, I set up this small single carnation just to finish off the session. It is when I saw those layers of petals in my viewfinder. I liked the delicate color and form of the petals. I tried several shots with different aperture, to get just the right depth of field. With f/32, there was just too much depth of field, so I backed off to f/22, just to have the back petals go a bit softer, but not to loose them completely. This whole morning shooting session turned out to be about the balance between sufficient depth of field and the artistic feel. I love those learning experiences.

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