Macro Monday – Statice

I made an unplanned, shortest photography session ever this weekend. We came back in the afternoon, and I noticed this wonderful light, close to sunset on my kitchen table. Since we put this table in, I was using it mostly with flash lights, as a studio table, but recently started to discover that natural light works there, too. I have to be careful in the morning, it quickly gets too bright and contrasty. But in the evening, just scrim was sufficient to disperse the light. I set up the camera on tripod, and started working with those statice flowers, the leftovers of the mixed bouquet I bought a couple weeks ago. With simple set up, it didn’t take long to clean up before dinner ;).

Those flowers are so tiny, i had to use the maximum aperture on the lens to achieve the reasonable depth of field while filling the frame. The composition with additional flowers forming the backdrop is my favorite.

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