#MacroMonday- Grass and tulip

Being unique and creative when photographing flowers is a challenge, I am discovering. There is only few points of view- from side, above and below. All of them already worked to death. Then you can zoom the lens while photographing with slower shutter speed, or pan it, and maybe shoot through another flower. Use a macro lens for extreme close up. And that’s about it for the photographer’s toolbox toolbox. And yet, each time I am trying to get something different.

I visited Pella, Iowa to admire their tulips display few weeks before their annual event. Most of the tulips were already gone, limiting my photographing options. I came with only a couple of images I liked, it this is the one of those two. I was fascinated by those deep violet tulips, which almost looked black in a shadow. Wandering through residential area, we spotted a bed of those beautiful flowers, and I kneeled to photograph. Serendipitously, I framed my image with this grass straw. I liked it a lot, so it stayed. The texture of the grass and its color provides some contrast to delicate, deep shade of the tulip.

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