#MacroMonday – In dark mood

This weekend, we set aside half a day to go to Pella. This small Iowa town celebrates its Dutch heritage by planting tulips in numerous beds across town, and organizing Tulip Time festival. The festival takes place in first weekend of May, but high tulip season doesn’t care much about the calendar of events issued by City Tourism department. This year, I noticed updates on the web page suggesting visiting earlier this year. But even going this week, a full two weekends before the celebration, turned out to be too late. Most of the tulips were already fading, it it was really hard to find flowers for close-up.

Those dark, almost black when viewed in bunch, tulips are one of my favorite. I think it was the first time I had a chance to actually look inside one of those. I was astonished by the vibrant colors. It draws me to this picture over and over again.

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