Managing your (small) photo business with “Growing the Visionmonger” by Corwin Hiebert


Photographers starting to earn money with their creativity usually have a good knowledge of their craft, but not necessarily know that well what else is involved in running a successful business. For those who do not particularly care to reinvent the wheel and get the experience by making all the mistakes themselves, there are inexpensive options in the form of Corwin Hiebert e-books (for the full list, see the end of this post), published by Craft & Vision. And you can learn from those e-book, regardless if you just earn few dollars on your photography here and there, or make a living as vocational photographer.

Corwin Hiebert is the owner of a boutique management company for creatives. His recently released e-book “Growing the Visionmonger 2. A kick-ass guide for the photographic entrepreneur” is 68 pages loaded with great advice on topics like marketing, branding, networking and more. It is organized around 20 topics, each of them being a single, simple “to do” item which can be followed upon instantly and with minimal cost, if any.

But that’s not all. “Growing the Visionmonger 2” also contains a great collection of 12 short interviews with successful working photographers, chosen from those represented by the Wonderful Machine. Each of those photographers answers the same, key questions: “If you would start over, what would you do differently”, “What are some things you value most with respect to marketing your services and/or art?”, “Words of wisdom”, “Do this!”, “Don’t do this”. Can you see what the wealth of practical knowledge comes from those short Q&A sessions?

If there is one reoccurring theme in“Growing the Visionmonger 2”, it is the importance of human connections. Are those clients, mentors, or business buddies, most of the tips focus on how to build those relationships, take care of them, and leverage them. You are not in this alone, so to no surprise, the most important advice is to just get out of the house/office and start meeting people.

If you want to learn more pro tricks to running a successful photography business, go and get “Growing the Visionmonger 2” by Corwin Hiebert by clicking here. Don’t forget to use the code MONGER4 to pay only $4 for a limited time. This offer expires on January 18, 2013 at 11:59 pm (PST).

You can also get “Growing the Visionmonger” bundle, containing both parts of “Growing the Visionmonger” e-book, for just $8 at any time, no special code required. For the review of part one, click here.


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