Maple seeds

It is a very simple image of what is left from the vibrant tree after fall is over. I still like it, nevertheless. I was coming back to this image over and over again, and finally decided to post it today. The rainbow of colors, blue sky, brown tree trunk and surprisingly rich greens of some bush in the background. The shallow depth of field allowed it all go out of focus, and created the soft area of colors, maybe even a bit confusing with obvious sign of late fall in the foreground. I tried to crop the image differently, but I recently tend to frame rather tight, there was not enough room for square crop. I also think the lines of the seeds are vertical, and look best given the space to stretch. But would it look more “artsy” in square frame?

I don’t agree with Andrew S. Gibson, who in his recent e-book about square crop suggests, that 1:1 aspect ratio fits best the fine art subjects. I think it is the other way around. The square crop is rather unusual, so we perceive it as such, and give the image fine art quality. If you have not yet check out his e-book, today is the last day to buy it at the discount price!

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