Nut cracking

I am still trying to sift through all the studio and outdoors images I took last week at my parents place. Quite a collection.
The image I chose for today’s post is a composition I build around a nut cracker I found in the kitchen. It was shoot in a simple studio I set up on a glass porch. I had one window covered with a large, white sheet of paper – here I was placing my subjects. Another window, on the left of the set-up, was my main light source, through diffuser. With a silver reflector from the front, for which I was adjusting the position for each composition, I was able to fill in missing light for most of the day, making for an easy shooting on the tripod.
The jury is still out on which I prefer- strobe or natural light for my studio food shots. So far, I vary it depending on location I shoot and time of the day. And I think I am pretty much on the same level of acquaintance with both.

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