On reading blogs

I noticed an interesting thing recently. Since beginning of the year, I was so busy at work on one side, and shooting food photographs and sending then out to stock, as well as looking at Twitter and Facebook to the point of addiction. I feel at the same time my blog posts were going down, at least in verbal content. Plus, it was like I had nothing to say. My images were all right, but I couldn’t write a sentence or two about them. Nothing. Emptiness. I thought I just have too much on my plate, or maybe I was burning out. Then, we went for a short vacation. Usually, when we do that, we drive long distances, and try to use the remaining time as much as we can, which doesn’t leave a lot of time for anything but sleep. I cured my Twittter and Facebook addiction, and I decided not to even open a TwetDeck for few more weeks. Just in case. At the same time, I collected a large number of unread blog posts from other people. So I started to read it. And at once, I am getting all those ideas. I have opinions about all of those things people talk about. My own takes on issues. Yes, I could just leave a comment, but sometimes my thoughts are just more elaborate, that a blog post seems more appropriate. And I can illustrate it with my own image. Or it just reminds me of some old image I took, maybe how to post-process it or something.
So, please excuse me now. I am going to read as much as I can stand of my 716 unread blog posts :). I will come back when I have something to say. And I feel I will it will be very soon. Meantime, anybody wants to comment on what inspires you?

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