Part of aviation

Few days ago, I read this post by Moose Peterson. The post is about great adventure, great people and sad tragedies. It was the third accident I heard about just this year, the accident that happened during an event. But in this case, people died in the air. And people died on the ground. And with all the sadness and respect, Moose says “It is just part of aviation”.
I do not agree with him. I have many friends who are pilots. My husband is a private pilot. I flirt with idea of getting a licence myself, took a couple of lessons. I do not want to believe that this is just “a part of aviation”. I do not want to accept flying as the risk and do nothing about it. I want to believe, as my instructor says, that it all lays in my and other pilot hands- that by checking the aircraft carefully before flight and making sure the weather is all right we reduce the risk to non existent. Or does it?

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