Photographer’s resources – part 2 – Visual artists

Sometime ago, I posted a collection of links to different free resources helpful for beginning photographers to expand their knowledge.
Today, I would like to follow up on that post, and gather some of my favorite places to take your photography to the next level. Those links will help to set your mind into working in projects, rather then shooting trees one day, and antique cars the other (as I often do ;) ). They will keep you inspired. These are the photography discussions or monologs, where the gear will not be the subject, and the word HDR will probably not be used. Not because it is not a great tool, but because the tool is all it is. Instead, the focus will be on finding the topics for a systematic work and editing your images.

1. Pixelated Image – When not travelling, David duChemin expands in blogs posts his famous saying “Gear is good, vision is better”. When he is travelling, you can explore through his images his successes and equally often, struggles, of the creative process. Also, check Craft and Vision web page for David’s 5$ e-books on “improving your craft (buy less gear)”.

2. Chronicles of Learning Photography – Sabrina’s Henry Chronicles have a lot of well thought-through posts on creative sides of photography. They are very thought provoking, often on philosophical side of things.

1. PhotoNetCast – has the form of group discussion between the hosts: Brian Auer, Antonio Marques, Jim Goldstein, Martin Gommel and their show guests. They cover a wide variety of photographic subjects, and the invited photographers are experts in the subject at hand. More often then not, you will hear very different opinions, and it is the show where nobody refrains from taking sides.

2. Candid Frame – Ibarionex R. Perello conducts in depths interview with photographers of all genres, about their images and projects they are working on. He invites some really interesting people, whom you will not find in the “main photo stream”. On two sides of spectrum, you can hear from Ed Morris and his images of mayors from towns across US (podcast no 77) or Natalie Dybisz, who is know for posting her self-portraits on Flickr (podcast no 92).

3. LensWork– “Photography and the Creative Process” – very short podcasts, which have a form of single-subject essays. Brooks Jensen, the editor of the “LensWork” magazine shares his thoughts on photography, photographers, and sometimes- just life. Very deep and balanced opinions, they make you stop and reflect on the issues- and come to your own conclusion.

1. LensWork – featuring black and white images, the magazine is published bimonthly, with LensWorks extended (CD with additional images for each project and some extra content) released in-between. The project portfolios cover the wide variety of subjects, from people to travel locations to fine art, and even some projects which border the photography and other art (check for example Kim Kauffman “Illumitones” in issue 84).

If you find any of those links useful, share you thoughts in the comments sections. Maybe you have some other places on the Internet which you like to visit for your inspiration?

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