Photowalk summaries

I thought it is going to be showing off on blogs here and there on Saturday and yesterday, but I was wrong. It started today. And I am going to contribute to it myself as well.
Scott Kelby’s Second-Annual Worldwide Photowalk was a quite an experience for me. First of all, I am not used to photograph around town, no am I interested in photographing people, and I haven’t tried doing that before. But during a Photowalk downtown (why are they downtown, anyway?), you either struggle with subjects, or you simply photograph people. Our walk started in local Farmers market, and when I was wandering around, looking on what people are selling, I was stunned by their welcoming reaction to my probing camera- “hey, have you taken a photo of my flowers” or “do you want to photograph my veggies”.
It was also a great time and fun meeting people sharing photography passion in my town, and after the walk to sit down and do some geek talks and share photographs.
I put a small gallery showing some of the photos I took during the walk. Some of them turned quite OK when treated in Lightroom, cropped here and there (somehow, the idea of taking just one lens and make it 50 mm did not turned out to be such a disaster).
Meantime, I think I will go and educate myself what other people have been shooting during their Photowalks, here and here. Although… I will probably forget by next year :).

Spiral stairs

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