I was busy all day Saturday taking photos at our local aero club, where both me and Tomasz are members. The club was organizing a fundraising concert to support the scholarship for young people wanting to be pilots. I was covering the even photographically, including morning preparations. It was a great time to focus on some details, and I had especially good time with piano, standing lonely on the scene. I tried to take some close-up photos of cellos later in the day, and with the rush of the performance, I was out of luck. But the piano- these are my favorite photos of the day. The day was cloudy and dark, and I was photographing inside the hangar, so I needed my fastest lens- 35 mm f/1.4 in addition to radiculusly high ISO I was using most of the time (ISO 1250, it was not enough in the evening!). It gave this incredibly shallow depth of field I enjoy playing with.

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