Pizza garden – Week 0

I started a new photographic project today. One fitting perfectly in Earth Day, spring gardening and my interest in food photography as much as in photographing plants.
As with any new project, I am a bit nervous. Mostly, I wonder if anything would come out ouf it. With all my creativity, todays picture will probably the one least interesting from the series. I just picked two containers and planted them with the seeds from local grocery store. One with tomatoes and chives. The other with bell peppers, oregano, parley and basil. Now, mind you, I am not know in the family for my green thumbs. My grandma and my mom probably couldn’t leave their tools in the garden without having them bloom in few weeks. Me? Almost all pot plants in the house are “exchanged” once a year. But when I read about it in the Lowes Creative Ideas magazine, I thought it is something I want to try.
So, I have two pots of herbs and vegetables. I will document them grow, taking pictures week by week, to the moment I will be able to pick up all the ingredients I grew and make a garden pizza. Care to join me?

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