Pizza garden – week 17

I was complaining last week about not seeing flowers on the pepper plant, although at least one fruit is growing already. Well, I got lucky this week. I was watering my deck garden one day, and I spotted this clean, white flower peeking from among the leaves. I decided that the flower might be gone soon, so I photographed it the same evening. The yellow background was a happy accident. I was moving around the pot to find cleanest background to keep this angle of the camera. The rails of the deck don’t work, and I knew it from previous experience. The houses behind, even out of focus, had too much destructing detail. And when I directed it towards the tree on the side, I knew I nailed it. Yes, this is a tree lit with the sunsetting sun. It created this warm, yellow glow. My husband distracted me before I had a chance to take a photo just of the tree, and add it to the collection of my macro backgrounds, but i need to do it soon.
Any thoughts on the image? Is the background too distracting for the subject or is it contrasting well with white flower? What do you think of the crop? Let me know in the comments below.

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