Pizza garden – week 22

In the second installment of taking “Pizza garden” ingredients to the kitchen, I prepared salsa. I found the basic recipe at AllRecipes, my favorite web site for cooking ideas (do not think, however, that cooking is something I actually enjoy). I used the same lighting set up as last week, and just achieved the effect needed for different angle (a bit higher this time) and tricky glass bowl with second flash. Since the actual set up never made it to the post last week, here it is on the left (click to see the larger image).

I spent the most time on this image trying to style it and put the elements together. The wooden board did not produce enough contrast with chips. I started and ended with green place mat. Without chips, something was clearly missing from the story, but the chips itself did not produce sufficient interest. But I love the highlights on the salsa, and the sharpness of the image.

I have only one more idea for a tomato based dish for yet another photo in the project. So, if you know any good recipe involving tomatos and would like to share it, please let me know in the comments.