Pizza garden – week 9

Quick and late update on my pizza garden. As those of you who follow the blog systematically know, I was away for this week. I was very lucky to leave my plants like that, as it was raining sufficient to keep them wet. But something exciting happened during that time. Two things actually. The pruned plants, planted in another container and which had hard time acclimatizing, now they did finally and overgrew all other plants in other pots. Probably because they have the most space and soil.
But the bigger news is, tomato plants in one of the containers started blooming! My chances of getting some harvest increased.
Todays frame is one of these tiny yellow flowers. I cannot be sure, but I think I have never actually seen the tomato blooming. I remember my grandma had tomatoes from her garden, but I do not think I ever saw them at this stage. It is pretty neat.
On another note, I did delicious capellini pomodoro last weekend with basil from one of other pots. Delicious. I hardly ever use it, but fresh herbs just add so much to the aroma.

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