Ramzes The Dog

Meet Ramzes. It is a beagle, belonging to my cousin. I photographed him when we visited family last month. He reminded me of my cat, Ace.  When all the guests arrived and we sat to dinner, he decided the partyis too much commotion for him. He went to the other room, laid down on the sofa, positioned himself so he can see all of us, and went to sleep. He woke only when I started bugging him with shutter.

I took this image with my iPhone. I actually did not even had my camera with me, it stayed in my parent's place. I wanted to spend as much time with family as possible, not hiding behind my big dSLR. Worked quite well. And I have a lot of iPhone images ;).

The black and white conversion helped me to get the important items pop in the image. It took the color cast from the window light on the left and distracting colors of the fabric. It created contrast between the texture on the fabric and dog's hair. And even on the iPhone shot, with a number of Adjustment Brushes I was able to darken the fabric, lighten the black parts on the dog's face and lighten the white. It all just came together.

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