Recommend a blog – contest

The fall is coming our way in Iowa. It is still unseasonably warm, although we had several night with around freezing temperatures. It is windy, and the beautiful colors are disappearing in front of my eyes. Today, we have first rainy day for weeks- but it instantly feels grey. It gets dar shortly after dinner…..

Time to get ready to long winter evenings… maybe in front of an Ipad. I am getting in the mood to clean-up my RSS feed in preparation of the “reading” season. The winter/computer version of spring cleaning :). I noticed that many of the blogs I subscribe to for a long time changed to the point they are not that interesting anymore. Maybe the author has no time to update it as regularly, or the quality of posts is not what it used to be, or I am not that interested in the subject anymore. In lieu of those blogs, I am looking at some fresh web sites, providing me with inspiration and advice.

I am sure many of you visiting this blog are also reading many other photography blogs. So I decided to crowd source the search for new favorites.

Contest rules. Take a look at the list of my favorite blogs, pages I subscribe to and visit systematically. If your favorite photography blog (but not your own!) is not on the list, let me know about it in the comments section. It can be just a photo blog, which provides you with inspiration; it can be technical blog with software tips- it just needs to be photography related. Each comment fulfilling those criteria will be entered into drawing of the $15 coupon for Craft and Vision. I will be checking the web sites you sugget systematically, but I take a look at the entries to pick the winner next Sunday, October 23 so stay tuned.

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