Refreshing drink

This week at DPS, the challenge was pretty simple. Use Rule of Thirds. After all, almost every photo us taken with the rule in mind, right? Not entirely, I had to admit when I was going through my last weekend studio shots and this weekend landscape images. Many images do not have clearly defined focal point, like the landscape I will post tomorrow. They stick to the rule with horizon placement, but often there will be nothing to break the vertical symmetry. Recently, many of my images have diagonal line, especially plant images, so they use two of intersecting points. But I was really looking for something clearly placed in the single third as an example for the challenge. Simple subject, not too many elements competing for attention.

I settled for the shot of the orange slice on the glass of water. The point of intersection of the slice and glass is where the thirds cross, which makes image appropriate for the challenge. But what I really like here are the bright colors in this image and the fresh feel to it.

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