Resting sparrow

Last weekend, we made a trip to a zoo. One of the oldest and best in Poland, Wrocław Zoo. It was a very nice trip, despite the ever changing weather and the fact that it was, of course, a vacation weekend. The place was crowded, and there were two types of visitors. One were families with small children and the other …the photographers of all ages. Kind of funny, when you think about it. But there were enough places without fences, or even glass, for great photographing opportunities. I saw a few people with a fancy telephotos, but I felt I was doing a decent job with my 18-200 mm. In fact, I even found a good use of my 30 mm f 1/8, it was handy inside of the buildings. I was generally shooting wide open, and I am very happy with the results. Just look at the depth of field in image below. I also love how those warm brown colors of the birds surroundings turned out. And the bird is as sharp as it should – glad it was a bright day!

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