San Francisco – Day 5

I am learning several things about visiting San Francisco. So far, it can be summarized into three rules:
1. If you don’t like the weather, wait a bit and it will change. Unfortunately, it will change also when you do like it.
2. Always have options for indoors and outdoors activities, and be prepared to quickly adjust to changing weather, as above.
3. If you think you don’t need umbrella, it is most probably your first time in this town. You do.
I just bought one, and it is my first since high school. The difference in comfort between umbrella and just a hood from my sport jacket is huge!

I would love to hear if some of you had the same or different experience of San Francisco.

As the weather is as it is, I am shooting unbelievable amount of HDR images, and since I do not travel with my computer, I will not process them until I am back home. So the choices for blog image are quite limited. I was considering some of details I shot around Golden Gate, but with the fog and rain, probably not the best choice. But the sea gulls were keeping me entertained the whole day on the Embarcadero and during the cruise. I chose my favorite portrait to show on blog.


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