Sea Gulls of Alcatraz

Walking around San Francisco, I gave myself a photographing assignment. I was observing and photographing sea gulls, ubiquitous in this coastal city. It was quite fun assignment, with birds not being exactly shy, used to people and maybe even expectibng bribes. They did not get any from me, but I certainly was taking advantage of their posing, like in this image, and the one below.

Alcatraz island was particularly abundant in sea gulls. In the city, I was mostly focusing on a single bird. On the island, I was photographing them in flocks, or at least in small groups. I particularly like this image below because of the elegent posture of the sea gull in the background. It feels very feminine, and the foreground bird makes me think of the accompanying partner. Mind you, I know nothing about the gender differences in both species, so they might as well both be female. Or male.

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