Selling stock – part 1

A week passed, and I finally got the answer from iStock on 3 images I submitted same time I submitted trial images to BigStockPhoto. As from that same batch, only the barrel image was accepted into BigStock, I was not very surprised neither of the images was accepted into iStock. Due to lack of originality, was the verdict.
Meantime, I submitted another batch of images to BigStockPhoto, 10 images, of food and some landmarks. And what a great news, 6 out of 10 was accepted! I am thrilled, and I am already thinking which images I submit next. I am also planning to pick some of those accepted and submit another package to iStock. Seems like food is pretty good bet, and luckily, those are images I really enjoy taking them.
My portfolio is growing, I have now 7 images on BigStock. Hey, you need to start somewhere, right?

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