Smooth sky below

Flying within the US is quite uneventful. There are some fields, a bit of mountains, nothing overly exciting. the notable exception was a late evening flight to San Francisco early in spring. There were amazing patterns of light on the Bay, in this the heavily touched by human hand area.
Quite opposite is true when I fly “across the Pond”. The few hours over the Ocean are what makes for breathtaking views of raw nature. Sometimes, I can see the waves on the water- image how huge they have to be to be recognizable from commercial flight! And there is Greenland, always covered with snow. Once, I was on the “sunset flight”, with sun setting over the Earth probably for half of the flight going west (is it even possible?). And, if nothing like that, you can always count on patterns of clouds between the sky and water. Never boring.
This time, there was something I have never seen before. I woke up, already over the Canada, to this view. The smooth, all covering, layer of clouds beneath, obscuring the view into anything below it. The almost perfect abstract, if it wasn’t for the airplane window giving you a clue to what you are looking at.

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