Sow-thistle weed gallery

This small project which I am going to share came about from comments exchange with Sabrina Henry. She posted a simple shot of back-lit grass, and I challenged myself to take similar image, too. While I still have not found the perfect bunch of grass for this shot, looking at my feet on my evening walks made me notice the real abundance of sow-thistle this year. I am not sure if this is a weather or what, but they seem to be just about everywhere. Something unbelievable considering that there probably is a law somewhere requiring grass in the lawn to be green and cut to an inch or two.

Couple of walks, and I have a collection of sow-thistle images. The symmetrical and round shape of this flower begged for the square crop (to learn more, take a look at Andrew S. Gibsons e-book, so I decided to present the whole series in the same way.

Take a look. Click on any image to open it larger, in Lightbox, and scroll through the whole collection. Which one is your favorite?

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