Spot on Arch

I just came back from very nice weekend in St Louis, Missouri. I did a lot of sightseeing, some of it even without the camera in my hands. Overall, I brought some pictures I would like to share on blog. I am just not sure I will. And let me show you why. Take a look at the small image on the left. You can click on it to see it larger? Can you spot the spots? (pun intended). The spots are luckily not the sensor spots, something you can get into the camera if you frequently change lenses in the windy and dusty environment, or even if you don’t change the lenses in the really dusty/sandy places. I know from my trips to Utah, how bothersome it can be- trip to Utah means cleaning the camera, not only lenses.
But those are specs on the lens itself. Most of those are reasonable easy to clean. believe me, it is a good idea to clean a lenses before going for a trip. And to take a cleaning kit with you, basic one with a cloth and lens cleaning fluid, similar to this one on Amazon. Sometimes even rain drops can make the spots appear on your image. And although it is very easy to clean the image in Lightroom with Spot Removal tool, it takes time. To achieve the image below, where you probably will have hard time finding additional spots, I spent 15 min and placed close to 100 healing Spots…..

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