Stearman show

I was reading on Mosse Peterson’s aviation blog few days ago the “Stearman post”. And when I was just Googling for this one, I found another, even better ;). Both of them reminded me of the two Stearamans formation performance I have seen this year. I have to admit, I was not entirely sue on which air show it was, so I went digging.
Side note- although I do have master catalog for all my photos, I create separate catalogs for the air shows. They usually are very large at the beginning, and it just helps keep my master catalog smaller then it would be otherwise ;). After all, all is in those catalogs are airplanes anyway, so it is easy enough to open any of them if I look for a particular image.
Back to the subject at hand. I found them in this year’s Oshkosh collection. It was the first time I had a chance to see more then one in action at the time. There was a great aerobatic performance one single Stearman this year in Waterloo, IA air show. But I think seeing two is a treat.

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