Stock update- I’m sellin!

Some update on my recent stock submission. A lot happened since last one.
Third time was a charm with Shutterstock, and I finally was accepted. It was rather frustrating process. I was trying to be smart, as they need to accept 7 put of 10 initially submitted images for you to be in. For the second submission I chose the previously positively viewed images, and just substituted rejected with new ones. Because the review process is very subjective and there are many reviewers, that didn’t work too well. Luckily, meantime I gathered enough new shots to be able to pick really the best and I am finally in. I submitted another batch of images, and to my surprise, not only did I get the response within 24 hours, but 6 out of 9 were accepted!
Altogether, I have currently 20 images in iStock, 41 in BigStockPhoto and 14 in Shutterstock. Lucky for me, I guess, is the fact that although I am usually submitting same batches of images to all 3 agencies, they are accepting different images and my portfolios differ some. I just looked and it seems I have 50 different images altogether in different stocks.
But, no sales yet. Not on BigStock and iStock, where I have the account the longest, at least ;). I have about 40-50 views on most images. But I already sold 6 images on Shutterstock. It was a miracle I found this info, really. And I earned whole $1.50.
I also have some observations and notes to self. I see that Lensbaby images have troubles being accepted, even if I add the comment to title or description that it is intentional blur. I kind of understand that, but as it is my favorite (and I admit, overused) lens it is rather disappointing. Also, some of my images, random, will end up being rejected due to noise. I don’t see it at 100% in Lightroom. I wonder if my export process is not making that noise appear.

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