I photographed this succulent plant a couple of weeks ago in the Botanical Garden in San Francisco. At first, I wanted to post it today almost as it came out of the camera, with minor contrast adjustments. But the colors were so vivid, it was almost too much. Bright spring green and saturated red. I tried reducing the saturation a bit, but it was taking life out of this beautiful plant. Since greed and red are on opposite sids of color wheel and thus contrasting, I knew this contrast will not be lost in the black and white conversion. In fact, the duotone final image draws more attention to the differences in light on the central petals and those further into the image, the texture of the succulent and shape of petals, and the raindrops clinging to tiny hair on the plant.

And if anybody out there has an idea what this plant is called, please share it in the comments. All I was able to find on Google images this morning was multiple images of “green and red succulent plant”…

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