I never considered myself a street photographer. This and portraits are probably two genres I just have no desire to touch. I would often browse street photographs in the books or blogs or magazines, and try to understand, what it is all about. They are often messy, with many unnecessary elements, mot perfect composition, not-matching colors. And even considered the best in the genre are guilty of those- and so my esthetic says.
Those thought do not have much to do with the image below. Other then I took it when I spent few days in New York in June. I was walking the streets on one particularly rainy and uninteresting day, trying to find an open and not overcrowded place to visit. I passed this outdoor market and came back, drawn by those sunflowers. I was a little hesitant to lift the camera and photograph it, did not want to confront the clerk. But nobody cared.
What made me stop and take this photograph was bright colors, very unlike everything around me that day. Interestingly, I haven’t noticed until today, that there is not flower at the very center of the frame- it is covered in green. I think it adds to the picture. Don’t you?

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