Sunset over Gory Sowie

One evening just a few weeks ago, we were coming back from family visit. It was a pleasant evening, close to sunset. We decided to take a side road to the place which I saw earlier that day on the bike. A high vintage point, view on the mountains, with sun setting behind them. However, as it was not planned, I did not have my dSLR with me. Well, my iPhone was there, ready to take photos.

I started shooting, when I noticed the star burst effect on my images. When the sun was getting lower and hiding slowly behind the peaks, the effect was getting more and more interesting. I was quite surprised. I know how to achieve it on dSLR, with smallest aperture possible (largest number). And here, with iPhone, it was just happening without me doing anything. Since I recently read in “eyePhone” by Al Smith that iPhone’s aperture, fixed, is f/22, it makes more sense. Well, just thought I will pass on newly acquired knowledge.

I guess it might be easier to use the star burst to your advantage, then try to reduce it when you don’t want it.

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