Ag Cat

It was supposed to be an “aviation” day today. However, the weather did not cooperate, with the crosswind making it impossible to take off or land in our small airstrip. With some free time on my hands this weekend, I decided to work some on my photos from Waterloo Air Show, which happened sometime in August and the images were not organized yet.

I photographically prefer bright colored airplanes, well distinguishing themselves from the sky. The red and yellow are my favorites. No wonder I was ready to photograph this Grumman Ag Cat when I saw him. I am not Moose Petersen, I cannot tell captivating stories about airplanes. They are for me just interesting subjects, I am drawn to them visually. It is far more important for me that that is a contrast between the machine and blue sky, which would work in black and white as well (I checked :)). And to position airplane in the frame to create dynamic image. Make sure the props “are moving”. And there is some detail in the sky…

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