The Cloisters

This week, I am blogging from New York City. It is my surprise I mentioned few days ago. I typically do not blog when I am away, as I am either too busy or something doesn’t work for the workflow. I seem to be lucky this time.
The photographic setup for the trip did not get published yestrday, although I started to work on it, I did not manage to finish. I will probably get it out during the weekend.
I just spend this beautifyl sunny day in The Cloisters. This branch of Met museum was intriguing me for a while. This time I came for the NYC trip with no plan, so travelling to the other end of Manhattan was just as well. Plus, the exhibits are not voluminous, there are only two floors. Well, and beautiful gardens, for which I was happy I am in season.
This is one of my favorite shots of the day. I have quite a few HDR which I will process back home and several plant/flowers, but this one shows more of the atmosphere of the place I visited today.


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