The story of the kitchen faucet

I wrote yesterday about the book I read recently about the contemplative photography. One of the ideas in the book, the one I liked the most was finding art in the everyday, common objects. Take a look at the review- the authors shared with me some of my favorite images to include in the review.
It is difficult for me to go out around the house or the park nearby and see and take great images. I find it almost impossible to do it in my house. Yet, last weekend I challenged myself with one of the first assignments in the book and spend almost an hour photographing.. a kitchen sink. I did not stick to all the rules of contemplative photography. I really wanted to create images with all typical photography rules in mind, especially clear subject. The surrounding of my kitchen sink is quite crowded, so I struggled a little bit. Thus the final decision to turn them into black and white, to remove the eye-drawing quality of some of the clutter. Some of them were also cropped and a vignette was added. But the wide open aperture to reduce the depth of field and help keep focus on the subject was made beforehand.
Take a look at some of my favorites. The first two are what I envisioned before I started working, so it was my starting point in the exploration of the kitchen faucet. In the process, I saw the third one, and refined it. The third one- was just looking for some angle on the fixture without anything else in the frame.
Please click on any image to open larger version and browse in Lightbox.

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