Three pigeons

I am going slowly through my Photowalk pictures. It seems I took some interesting images after all. Good, that I have time till next Saturday to pick my one favorite, looks like my top favorite while shooting might not end up being send for the contest :).
Meantime, one of the images I like a lot, but probably will not end up being send out. What I enjoy about this image is the line of street lamp, and a lot of negative space which make the image simple and at the same time, draw the eye where I want it- to the birds. And the fact that although each has its own pose, all pigeons are turned at the same direction, making the image… organized.
I took the series of bracketed exposures hoping to put them into HDR image to show all the nuances of shades in the feather detail in the birds. I also hoped for some detail in the sky, but in this moment it was evenly clouded :(. But even with high ISO, the shutter speed and burst mode where not enough to freeze the unsettled birds. Not to abandon the idea completely, I use the single-image pseudo HDR. This image is a natural B&W :).

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