To do 365 project or not to do?

I have reached another dead end road with my photography. I feel I am not progressing with creativity, and there is not much more to do with technique, the basics are there. I still have no idea what is my style, not even my favorite subjects. All I know I read too much versus going out and shooting.

It’s time I do something. But what?

Joining camera club did not work out for me. It ended up being sitting around and doing more talking on the same stuff I can read online. I am slow making friends, so I did not make any so far. Still have no company to motivate me and go out shooting together from time to time.

I was considering 52 weeks project. It means taking a photo every week. But I am shooting at least once a week. I hardly ever shoot during the work week, but we take a walk with camera almost every weekend or we go out of town, and there are photo opportunities. The only way to make sense of it would be to commit to a subject. But I still don’t know what I live to shoot the most. I know I don’t care for portraits. But otherwise? I love flowers and any other plants, I enjoy landscapes and machines, like cars or airplanes. The only common denominator I can find is that I am drawn to abstract images, to color rather then form and shape.

Another idea was a 365 project. Just to make myself somehow shoot all the time, photograph something every single day. The project like that is difficult by itself, especially now when days are getting shorter and i would be force to shoot inside. I know how to use lights, yet I find it so much easier using natural light….

And how do you stay motivated doing project like that? Posting on Flickr seems “so 2005”. And there is some truth what RC Conception said some time ago on The Grid– 365 projects on Flickr or blog tend to be “just 365 bad pictures”. But having this social accountability helps to keep shooting against the lack of ideas, which gets more and more difficult when you progress and develop the feeling that you already “shot it all”.

No idea…

Any thoughts, anybody? Have any of you do 365 project? How did you keep going? Did it help your photography at all?

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